About Me

Chase Holiday

I have always been a cat lover. I currently have 5 cats that are all rescues. Over the years I have recognized that I have a unique ability to communicate with felines. Even scaredy cats come to me. ( I have one!)  When I am around cats, I maintain a calm state of being, maybe that’s what the cats sense because they stay calm too. I hold a true admiration and respect for cats. I know each one is different but I can honestly say I love them all.  I am happy to provide loving purrsonal services to your kitties.  Whether you are traveling, short or long term, your cats will be looked after with love and compassion.  Your cat is special and I understand how much you want your cat to feel safe and pampered in their own home, even if you are not there.  For many years, I have thought about offering a Cats Only Pet sitting service in my home town, Pacific Palisades. (Resident since 1990) I know what it feels like to go out of town and worry about your felines. I wanted to offer a service where clients could go away with peace of mind and feel good about leaving their cats at home.

I am the creator of Furball Fables, which feature creative, funny, heart felt cat video’s on youtube. Check out Furball Fables here!  My channel has had many video’s that have gone viral, it has been nominated for Awards and featured in many Cat Video Festivals and on the Animal Planet. In the Spring of 2017,  I launched Crafty Kitty Cats, which features Creative Cat Products, Cute Cat t-shirts and supports the Cat Art community. This is the Crafty Kitty Cats Instagram.

I am also a freelance assistant. (Temp. virtual and/or permanent.) As a freelance assistant, I offer a lot of different services from admin, organization, social media, graphic design and video. I also worked for Voice for The Animals, doing their marketing materials and social media. VFTA is the local Pet rescue that was part of the Sunday Farmers Market in the Palisades for many years.

Chase with her Cat Yogi

Chase with Scaredy Cat Elfin